The Charmer
M377 - The Charmer
"The Charmer" - Mold 377

CDF1362 - Charming Santa
Costume - CDF-1362

CDF 1359 - The Charmer
Costume - CDF-1359

M273 - Charmer & Pinocchio
Pinocchio - Mold 273

"The Charmer"
Modern Doll Mold

Mold No. 377

The Charmer is an original sculpt by Cynthia Baron,
Washington artist working primarily in polymer clay
on one-of-a-kind dolls. Jean Nordquist is proud to
offer Cynthia's first original available to doll makers.
The actual doll was interpreted and painted by Jean
and the costumes were created by Sue Dicks. He
stands 25" tall. He uses any 24" doll shoulder plate.

A cloth body pattern and painting technique sheet
are included with each mold using Jean's china
paint and brushes.

He/She is a versatile character just great for Mother
Goose, an elf, an old salt, a clown and on and on!

His hands were specifically designed to hold dolls
or other objects.

You may select and use any charms. We have shown
him spangled with those from Cat's Paw Jewelry, a
line available through Collectible Doll Company.

Head, Hands, New Shoulder Plate, and Feet - Price $195.00 (S/H $25.00)



    Red Mohair "Charlotte" size 11/12 - $45.00 
    White Mohair "Abigail" size 9/10 - $42.25
    Sheep Skin to make Charming Santa's wig, beard etc. (8"x12" approx. size) - $20.00 (Includes complete instructions.)
Costume Patterns
    CDF1359 - $15.95 ea

    CDF1362 (Charming Santa) - $9.95 ea
The Charmer's Little Companion - "Pinocchio"
Mold 273 - Pictured Above
Price $100.00 (S/H $10.00)

Pattern CDF-1368 - $10.95 ea
     (includes directions for wig and assembly)
Lincoln Skin Wig - $25.00 
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