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Jean's Third Dollmaker's Workbook
Eilysia - Doll on a Swing in a Box

Price: $35.00 (free shipping in Cont. U.S.)

Dolls in Boxes - A Dollmaker's Workbook

Kestner Doll - Mold No. 393
Price $85.00 (S/H $10.00)


Wig - Honey Blonde 4/5 Lilly Mohair Wig
MHWL4HBL  -  $16.88


Eyes - 6mm glass eyes on wires
EYGW6E  -  $6.75


Costume Pattern

This fabulous pattern designed by Sue Dicks just for Eilysia consists of the following articles of clothing - A fancy dress, cape, hat, and muff, a day dress and cap, a nightgown and sleeping bonnet, a slip, and split bloomers to accommodate her attachment to the swing.  The extra articles of clothing are intended to be displayed on the fold down box fronts.  This pattern would also adapt well displayed in a more traditional "Etrennes" box. 

CDF-1392   -  $19.95


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