dollmolds1.gif (2653 bytes)Modern Doll Molds
"Dapper Dan"
the Moon Man

Molds and Costume.
Juliette Juliette
Mold, Costume and Wig.
Juliette The Puppet Master
Doll and Puppet Molds!
Mold, Costume and Wig
Mold, Costume and Wig.
Kukla the Klown
Kukla the Klown
"Keeko" the Monkey

Molds, Costume and Wig.
Punchinello Punchinello
Mold, Costume and Wig.
Mold, Costume and Wig.
Elizabeth "Elizabeth"
Mold, Wig and Costumes
Marsha "Marsha"
Mold, Wig and Costume
The Charmer "The Charmer"
Mold, Wigs and Costumes
Pinocchio "Pinocchio"
Mold and Costume
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